How to Save on Entertainment

Original Photo by  Twechy

Photo Used Under Creative Commons from Twechy

One of my favorite places is the public library.  In each town that I have lived in, I have found the nearest library and got my own library card.  That’s because at libraries there are so many free things you can borrow, like books, CD’s, magazines, movies, video games, and more.  One library that I go to even lets you borrow an eReader!  This definitely saves money by borrowing instead of buying.

Libraries often have free or inexpensive events and services as well available to members of that community.  There are events for kids, teens, adults, and the whole family.  Some recent events at my library are story times for kids, Scrabble games for adults, and movie night for anyone interested.  Each of these are free and a great way to save some money on entertainment, get out of the house, and meet people from your neighborhood.

So before you buy that book you have been hearing about, or pay to go out to the movies, check out what they have at your local library!

Do you go to your local library? What services do they offer that you enjoy?