Do’s and Don’ts to Save You Money on Valentine’s Day

Do shop early. If you are buying something, buy the card, flowers, candy, and/or gifts sooner than the day before (or the day itself).  To get the right gift at the best price means leaving enough time to find it.

Deals on flowers from Kelly at Faithful Provisions

Flower Deals for Valentine's Day

Do find alternative ways to show your love.  You don’t have to buy something for someone to show them that you love them.  You can do something fun together or make a gift for them, like a homemade card or a craft.

20 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas from Hani @ Craftionary

20 valentine's day crafts

Don’t wait too long to make or buy stuff for Valentine’s Day.  Otherwise, you will have to settle for whatever you can get or put together last-minute.  If you wait till the last minute, you will either be stuck with a less than awesome gift or a high price tag, or both.

Do save on dining by taking advantage of special deals.  Be aware that many formal restaurants will inflate prices for Valentine’s Day.  If you are still determined to go, take advantage of special deals.

Deals for restaurants on Valentine’s Day from Kelly at Faithful Provisions

Save on Valentine's Day Dinner

Don’t feel that you have to go out to dinner.  Make a special dinner at home. Get out the nice table-cloth, candles, and put up some decorations (which could be the DIY crafts you made from above).

Recipes, from breakfast to dessert, from Doug at Pocket Change Gourmet

Make your own Valentine's Day Dinner

Do save on dining by having dessert at home.  Whether or not you do decide to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, have dessert at home.  This way you’ll save that extra cost as the cost of dessert is extremely inflated at restaurants.

12 ideas for Valentine’s Day dessert from Kim at Handmade and Craft

12 Sweet Valentines Day Recipes

Don’t feel constrained to celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14.  This is a great way to save money.  Celebrate after February 14 and you can save at the restaurants that have by now gone back to regular prices and buy Valentine’s Day themed items on sale from stores trying to clear the shelves.

Those are just a few dos and don’ts of how to save money on Valentine’s Day.  What are some ways that you save on Valentine’s Day? What are some things worth splurging on for this holiday celebration?


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