How to Earn Rewards the Easy Way

There are many websites devoted to earning rewards, but if you want a simple one that works with what you already do, i.e. search the web, then check this out. Bing Rewards is a really simple rewards program in that you earn points just by searching the web through their site.

Sign up for Bing Rewards here!

Maybe you already use Bing to search the web.  If that’s the case, then just sign up through the link above and start earning rewards for your efforts.  Maybe you don’t use Bing for searching, but the ease of earning rewards with them is definitely a reason to switch.

Reward Options 

I have used Bing Rewards for over a year now.  In that time, I have earned rewards for Amazon and You can also get Skype credit, Xbox rewards, Hulu plus subscription, Starbucks, Redbox, Groupon, RedEnvelope, and more.  Or you can be generous and donate your points to charities. gives you a few options.  You can choose gifts cards, a check for the amount of your Tango dollars, or donate your dollars to select charities through that site.  There are tons of great options of how to spend your earned dollars there, that’s what I normally spend my Bing rewards points on.

Try It! It’s Easy!

I challenge you to try it for a little while and I think you’ll see that searching through Bing while getting gifts for using it is a pretty easy way to earn some fun rewards.

Have you tried Bing rewards? Have you earned any fun rewards, or are you aiming for any one in particular?

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