How to Save on Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl (3 February, 2013)

While hanging out with friends and family enjoying the big game is a fun tradition, it can also be expensive depending how you celebrate the event.  So here are a few tips and ideas on ways to save on your Super bowl party.

Make Your Own Food 

Many restaurants and take-out places are offering Super bowl related deals.  However, many of them will still be more expensive than making your food yourself.  There are tons of websites with recipes to make for your Super bowl party, including over at that has a bunch of chili, wings, dips, and dessert recipes (just to name a few).  Look for sales on the ingredients you’ll need at the supermarket, many will be on sale now knowing that people are buying those items in preparation for the upcoming big day.

Ask Guests to Bring a Dish

If you’re having people over to watch the game with you, ask them to bring a dish or a beverage to share.  If each guest can contribute something small, it will add up to savings for you.  I would consider this justifiable since you’re hosting the party, wouldn’t you?

Save on Take-Out

If you can’t cook or no one else is coming who could bring a dish or you just want to order in, be smart about the deals offered.  Order what you really want and will actually eat.  It may seem like it only costs a few dollars more for the extra wings or the liter of soda, but be careful not to fall for what only seems like a good deal.  If you weren’t planning on ordering that much when you went in there, stick to the original plan.  Save your money and your waistline.

Get a New TV

TVs generally go on sale right before the Super bowl, so now could be a good time to snag a good deal on a new TV.  However, be smart and don’t buy a new TV just because it is on sale.  Only get one if you really need one.  Otherwise, you’re spending more than you should and you’re defeating the purpose of trying to save money.

Enjoy the game, your time spent with family and friends, and the yummy fried foods you probably shouldn’t eat too much of.  I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl.  Until then, I’m getting a sneak peek here.

Who are you rooting for?  What’s your favorite part about the Super bowl? Or are you like me more inclined to watch puppies?


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