Free Deals and Discounts for Students

Photo Used Under Creative Commons from CollegeDegrees360

Photo Used Under Creative Commons from CollegeDegrees360

When you’re a student, you may be low on cash and want to find free stuff and deals to save you money.  Here are a few offers for students to save money on stuff you might need or what.

Amazon Student

Anyone with an .edu email address from their college and meets the other eligibility requirements can sign up for Amazon Student free for 6 months.   With Amazon Student you can get free 2 day shipping on eligible purchases and more perks like special student discounts now and then on certain products.

Do note: When the 6 month period is over you will be automatically upgraded (and charged for) Amazon Prime membership, so be sure to turn off the automatic upgrade unless you want to purchase that.  If you do want to continue the service, it is at a discounted price of $39 down from the normal price of $79 for Amazon Prime. Then you will be able to still receive the benefits of this service at a discount for the rest of your time in college (up to 4 years).

Sign Up for Amazon Student here!


Before you buy that laptop or software for your computer, be sure to check out some of the deals available for students.  Apple offers select discounts for students on their products if you qualify.

See if you qualify for education pricing at Apple

Microsoft also has special deals available for students, including development software you can download for free and a course and exam in programming.  If you’re into the computer programming and development thing, check out their offers.

Check out the free offers and deals from Microsoft

Textbooks and Study Tools

I recently heard about this new site called that offers an alternative or supplemental solution to those expensive college textbooks.  This site has gathered information on many subjects you can read for free, on many devices.  It also has study tools like flash cards, study guides, and quizzes to test your knowledge.  Note: I haven’t personally used the site, but it seems worth looking into for extra help on studying or saving on textbooks.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend using this instead of your required textbook, but maybe in addition to it for the help it offers with studying and accessibility instead of lugging books everywhere.  If you or someone you know has used this site, share that experience in the comment section below.

Check out

For more study tools for free on a variety of subjects, check out  Here you can search for the subject that you are studying and find flash cards, quizzes, tests, and games to help you learn the information on that subject.  I have only used it once to test it out, and I didn’t sign up.  If you or someone you know has used this site, share that experience in the comment section below.

Test out your knowledge at

Movie Tickets

Some movie theaters offer special prices and deals for students.  For example, Thursdays at AMC Theaters are Student Day.  This means that high school and college students with school ID’s get a discount on their ticket price.  So if you are heading to the theater, wait till Thursday and bring your student ID to get the best deal.

See AMC Theater’s Special Offers

Public Transportation

In many areas, cities offer special student discounts on public transportation.  If you take the train, bus, or metro, see if your city offers any discounts.  Here are a few various state and city public transportation discount offers for students:

NJ Transit Student Pass (with participating schools)

Houston Texas Metro

LA California Metro (See Reduced Fares)

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