Earn Rewards While Saving the Planet!

earn rewards and save the planetThere are tons of sites out there where you can earn rewards, but Recyclebank does a little more.  When you join Recyclebank, you can do easy tasks which usually consist of learning about an easy change you can make to become more eco-friendly.  Then you earn points which you can redeem for prizes or gift cards or coupons to use at the store on eco-friendly items.  I’ve earned rewards for gift cards to use at stores including iTunes, Amazon, the Home Depot, Best Buy, Applebee’s and more!

Sign up at Recyclebank today and start earning rewards!

Joining Recyclebank and earning points is super easy and free, so all it takes are a couple of minutes here and there and soon you’ll earn great rewards while helping the planet by learning to be more eco-friendly.  Check back to this site for alerts and reminders when new opportunities to earn points on Recyclebank become available.

Right now you can earn 15 points by calculating energy use in your home!

3 thoughts on “Earn Rewards While Saving the Planet!

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