Download the Latest Songs for Free

Original Photo by Shiv Shankar Menon Palat

Photo Used Under Creative Commons from Shiv Shankar Menon Palat

If your public library is connected with Freegal Music (and many are), you can download free music!

Through the Freegal Music site, (or the mobile apps) all you need to do is sign in with your library card.  Then you can download up to 3 free songs a week.

There is not an infinite selection of songs, but they do have some good ones from a range of genres.  This includes hot new hits from artists like Adele, One Direction, Carrie Underwood, and Mumford & Sons.   They also have many classical songs, even including hit songs redone instrumentally (quite creative if you ask me).  I have also come across some great classic songs from past decades as well in the past.

This is a great deal to take advantage of to get legal, free music to download onto your computer and your various mp3 playing devices.  The songs will always be yours once you download them too, as there is no DRM.

So head to your local library’s website to see if they are connected with Freegal and start downloading free music!

Does your library offer this service? Did you find any good songs to download?

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