The Best Tip to Save Money Anywhere

One of the best tips to snagging great deals, however or where ever you’re shopping, is to plan ahead.  Whether it is at the supermarket, online shopping, or at a yard sale, having a plan before you get there and make a purchase will most likely save you money.

For instance, I have often gone to a yard sale that I’ve passed just for fun, not having a plan in mind of what I need in particular.  When I’d get there, I would forget what I actually needed, miss a deal or come home with something I don’t need instead.  On the other hand, when I knew I was looking to buy a stand for my TV, I saw one that was too big to fit up the stairs to my apartment.  I knew this because I had taken measurements with me.  If I had bought it, I would have been in a real pickle trying to get it in the house.

So before heading out the door, make a plan by thinking about what you need and any specifics if there are any.  Come prepared with the measurements of the window treatments you’re looking for at a yard sale, or coupons for the items you need at the store.  This might not always be the case, but in some circumstances this can help you nab the best deal.

Have you ever made any impulse purchases you regretted later?  Were you ever in a situation like this that would have gone better had you planned ahead?


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